We only provide natural & healthy food products

About Us

A food manufacturing company is generally evaluated on a number of factors, such as processing capacity, potential to meet high demand, and so on, but the most important factor for all of them is the quality of the products they manufacture. In our company, Colosseum Foods Private Limited quality is given high emphasis. Since our inception in the year 2018, we have been supplying the best quality food items as a manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and exporter. Among the various goods we sell are Ready To Eat Veg Biryani, Ready To Eat Pav Bhaji, Ready To Eat Upma, Ready To Eat Dal Makhani, Ready To Eat Moong Dal Sheera, and others. Following the development process, we inspect each batch to determine whether it satisfies the highest quality standards.

Why Colosseum Foods Private Limited

Here are the reasons why our company should be chosen:

  • Nutritious Meal- Health of the consumers is our top priority, therefore, we prepare every meal with fresh and full-of-nutrients ingredients.
  • Authentic home-cooked taste- We serve pure and authentic home-cooked food products to consumers that remind them of the exquisite flavour of Ghar Jesa Khana, in just 5 minutes.
  • Hand-Picked Spices- To produce instant meals that enrich the flavours of India in every bite, the highest quality and genuine Indian spices are sourced.
  • Preservative Free- We guarantee that our consumers receive 100 percent natural instant food items.

Our Values

As our core and priority, we believe in healthy food habits and consumer preference. Our meals, as previously said, is a better solution for health, and having food ready in less than 5 minutes and easy to transport solves our second goal. We can ensure that our values and beliefs are communicated to consumers through our goods like Ready To Eat Pav Bhaji, Ready To Eat Dal Makhani, Ready To Eat Veg Biryani, Ready To Eat Moong Dal Sheera, Ready To Eat Upma, etc. Consumers can undoubtedly get fresh meals in their neighbourhood. But how often do they come across food that is nutritious, sanitary, and delicious all at the same time? Our criterion is simple: only serve fresh, healthy, and hygienic food that can be stored for up to a year.


The USP of our company is to provide consumers with comfort of home food when they are away from home. Furthermore, following are some of our distinguishing features and specializations:

  • We only provide natural & healthy food products.
  • We use no preservatives.
  • Our products are all oil free.
  • We never use MSG (Monosodium Glutamate).
  • We provide completely vegetarian products.
  • It takes just 5 minutes to prepare our products and they are incredibly easy to cook.
  • Our products are extremely lightweight and easy to carry.
  • We specialise in Jain & No-Onion / No-Garlic Food.
  • Our products are much more economical than a meal in a good Indian restaurant.
  • Nutrients, flavor and the aroma of the original food are all preserved.
  • Our products have a shelf life up to 12 months from the date of production.

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